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  • Enjoy wholesale prices on 4Life products
  • Resell products at retail profit
  • Choose the Fast Start Advantage enrollment track and receive up to 100 Product Credits, then earn up to 30% in Product Credits plus a bonus product of the month on Loyalty Program purchases
  • Purchase product packs for additional discounts and benefits

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  • Enjoy wholesale prices on 4Life products
  • Qualify to earn up to 30% in Product Credits plus a bonus product of the month on Loyalty Program purchases
  • Purchase product packs for additional discounts and benefits

In great company

No matter what you’re looking for - fantastic health support, unrivaled time & financial freedom, or the chance to truly make a difference in the world - with 4Life, you’re in great company.

Discover 4Life

Think about what you were doing right before you started reading this.

Were you on your way to or from your job? You know, the one with the hours you can’t change, the boss you can’t stand, and the paycheck you can’t live on? Were you sitting on the couch after a long day of chasing your kids, wondering how you can find more energy to survive another day? Were you balancing your checkbook… and coming to a sad realization yet again this month?

Stop thinking about what you were doing… and start thinking about what you want to be doing.

The 4Life Rewards Plan

The majority of all network marketing companies fail within the first five years. And only a small fraction of those remaining ever make it to 10 years. 4Life sailed past the 10-year marker. We’re continually breaking sales and enrollment records, and opening new countries and offices around the world.

What does that say to you?

In a world where most network marketing companies fail almost even before they get started, 4Life stands out for its credibility, commitment to excellence, veteran executive team, and global, longterm
vision. When you partner your future with 4Life, you can count on us.


Get enrolled, get started, and get ready for the rewards to flow…

Up to 64% payout

  • Among the highest payouts in the industry
  • Enjoy infinity payouts in your business Personal LP Payout
  • 25 percent payout on personal volume over 100 LP generated in a month
  • Sweet and simple!

Rapid Rewards

  • 25 percent payout on first LP order placed by every new distributor you personally enroll
  • The more volume you generate through new enrollments, the more “rapid” your “rewards” can be!

Infinity Commissions

  • Begins with fourth generation
  • Combines financial gain of multiple levels within a single generation
  • Earn rewards all the way to the bottom of your organization, or until interrupted by an equal or higher rank

Retail Reinforcement

  • Boost your business with retail sales of 4Life’s products
  • Extend your retail reach with your personal 4Life website
  • Make sure all your 4Life Product fans are Preferred Customers


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